Coraline Chapatte


Coraline Chapatte is a Swiss actress who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She started her career with some Turkish series in 2014 and 2015. After 2 years during which her priority was her sports career (2 times Champion of Turkey of Duathlon, 5 half Ironman races, several triathlon races), she decided to get deeper into acting from 2018 onward with several appearances in TV series and movies. She played in the TV series Yasak (2014), Acil Ask Araniyor (2015) and Sevkat Yerimdar (2017) as well in some TV advertisements (Novartis, Tooway, Mastercard). In 2018 and 2019, she played in the Turkish (but released internationally) movies Çiçero (2019) and Turk Isi Dondurma (2019) as well the drama Dersaadet Apartmani about urban transformation. Thanks to her ability to speak 4 languages (her mother tongue is French, but she speaks fluently Turkish, English and German too), she plays international characters in Turkey. Coraline Chapatte was born in Bern, in Switzerland. She has been living in Turkey since 2008. She studied Economics in Switzerland and used to work as a product and marketing manager in Switzerland. In 2008, she participated in the TV game "La Carte au Trésor" on France 3 channel. During Summer 2008, she went to the South of Turkey (Kas) to work as a dive master for 3 months. And she had stayed there for 3 years, working as a dive master but also as an underwater photographer and videographer. In 2011, she moved from Kas to Istanbul and decided to go back to her corporate career until 2014. She is also a semi-professional athlete (5x half ironman, 8x ultra marathons, 2 times Champion of Turkey of Duathlon, 2 times 3rd of Turkish Championships of triathlon. Furthermore, she is a translator, writer, translator, motivator speaker and performance coach. In 2017, she started a Masters in Sports Management and Sports Psychology at the University of Marmara in Istanbul.


Film Adı Vizyon Tarihi
Türk İşi Dondurma 15.03.2019